How We Do It

Our process begins with a discussion with the client. What is the purpose of the web site? What audience are we trying to reach? What goals must the web site acheive to be a success?

First, we plan the project. Content is mapped to a logical navigation structure, creating funnels which lead the user to their destination and to achieve the sites goals.

Next we create style boards based on input from our client to quickly identify colors, styles, and moods.

Content is gathered and compiled. Typically our client provides the content. They know their products and services best. Once the content is compiled, we collaborate with our client to make sure the site is accessible to the end user.

Simultaneously, the design process begins. JPG mock-ups are built for the client to review. After a series of revisions, the mock-ups become responsive, mobile-first CSS and HTML.

The site is then tested on various web browsers and deployed to a production server.